Dry Erase Board Calendar

Quartet Week Over Week

The Quartet Week Over Week Calendar Board is a terrific organizer that lets you see upcoming events on a continuing four-week basis.

It has a rotating weekly panel that you can update easily and makes your next several weeks more accessible. Once a week is over, you erase it put it at the bottom of the calendar where you can write new entries on it. The arc design of the weekdays separates the weekends very conveniently for easier spotting. Moving the weekly panels is made effortless with powerful adhesive glue that is easy to separate when you need them to.

Calendar boards have become popular tools to keep track of family members’ schedules and enable parents to monitor kids’ activities. Use of family resources, like the family car, can be easily coordinated and planned with a calendar to help identify the days that they are needed.

Conflicts with schedules are easily spotted and can be resolved ahead of time. People especially liked the way they can move the weeks around with the Quartet Week Over Week Calendar Board without difficulty and stay on top of their whole family’s movements and undertakings without interruption for several weeks.

The magnetic board is a handy tool to post important notices or documents and also to display children’s grade cards or works of art. It also has the advantage of having a whiteboard marker holder at the top that’s not available in many monthly calendar boards around.

Many offices also benefit from having a rolling weekly planner. It allows them to see appointments, meetings, deadlines, and upcoming events continuously for four weeks. A dynamic calendar is proven to be much more productive in a goal-oriented work environment than a normal calendar that limits your view to up to the end of a month only.

Seeing what’s ahead of them and being able to appropriately prepare with enough time before deadlines, create a much less stressful environment for employees. Color-coding with different colored markers also makes classifying and prioritizing easier.

There are, however, a number of complaints heard about this Quartet Week Over Week Calendar Board. For one, the marker ink is too difficult to erase. This was perhaps not adequately covered in the instruction that came with the board. The solution is to use rubbing alcohol. It does the job fine and won’t leave ghosting. Another complaint is the very thin dry erase surface that tends to delaminate at the edges after a while. Some also find that the size of the grids demands a thinner tip marker so you can write more on the limited space.

All in all, this is a fine and inexpensive tool to have around the house or at the office. It will take planning your weekly activities to a higher level of ease and convenience that is sure to make your life much more organized and time efficient.

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